Rooted in Sustainability

We’re proud to be carbon neutral certified

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Rooted in Sustainability

We’re proud to be carbon neutral certified

Being a climate conscious business has always been vitally important to us. Every day we’re in gardens and outside spaces seeing the direct effects of climate change on our environment. But it's also helped us identify changes we can make to make a difference at grass-roots level.

Since 2018 we’ve been investing in new technologies and looking for ways we can evolve Willow Alexander to minimise our footprint. We’ve set out our guiding principles in our GREENER PLANET PROMISE, backed up by an ongoing commitment to reduce and rebalance. Becoming carbon neutral is the first step on our path to net zero and we’ll share our journey with you as we discover, adapt and progress.

Rest assured that we’re taking our responsibilities seriously as you let us into your world because everyone has a part to play to protect our planet, and this is ours.


– Alexander Oakley, Founder & Managing Director

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The UK’s First Carbon Neutral Garden Maintenance Programme

Why Carbon Neutral?

Why is being carbon neutral so important to us? No one can ignore the fact that we need to stop climate change and the only way to do that is to reduce our carbon emissions – this is the carbon released when we drive vehicles, use tools, make products and carry out everyday activities, including gardening.

This ‘footprint’ can be offset by planting trees that capture carbon, funding renewable solutions or other projects that make a positive, rather than a negative, contribution to areas of the world most affected most by the changes our planet is experiencing. But offsetting is not the long-term solution. Our focus has always been on reduction – reducing the emissions we are creating in the first place – and going through this process has helped us identify the remaining ‘hot spots’ in our garden maintenance and design programme. By working with One Carbon World and their UN-verified offsetting projects to rebalance our emissions we’ve made the services we provide to our customers carbon neutral since January 2021 and have a plan in place to reduce these in 2022, and beyond.

We’re proud to have achieved the Carbon Neutral International Standard, as certified by One Carbon World in February 2022, and to have joined the United Nation’s Climate Neutral Now Initiative.

While our focus has always been on reduction this process has helped identify the remaining ‘hot spots’ in our garden maintenance programme. By working with responsible offsetting projects to rebalance these emissions we’ve made the services we provide to our customers carbon neutral since January 2021.

Join us

Our aim has always been to build an honest and well-intentioned grass-roots movement that leads the way as a climate-first voice in horticulture and outdoor lifestyle. Join us, hand in glove, to become CARE TAKERS FOR YOUR PIECE OF EARTH™

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How are we different?

Being green in horticulture is harder than you think but we’re constantly trying to improve, step by step. There isn’t an answer for everything yet but where we can opt for a greener option we have, and where we haven’t it’s usually because it doesn’t exist…yet!

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We’re proud to work with companies that are putting planet before profit

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Friendly, knowlegeable, reliable
Linda Wolak
Linda Wolak
Have used Willows Alexander Garden, for maintaining my garden for a long time now. Always reliable and attend regularly on a fortnightly basis. Very knowledgeable and able to offer advice re planting ect when ever the need arises.
Angel Mawlabaux
Angel Mawlabaux
Excellent service, did a fantastic job, I'm very happy!
Sian Kennell
Sian Kennell
What a great service all round I received from the team at Willow Alexander. Dean & Harry were brilliant. Very friendly, polite and professional. Leaving me with a great new fence panel and post and no mess at all. Would thoroughly recommend Willow Alexander and won’t hesitate to use them in the future.
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill
Excellent from start to finish. Communications were great, the quote was fair and they stuck to it, the guys who did the work were friendly, totally competent, quick but not rushed - and the quality of the work was perfect. It was a small job but a bit awkward and they nailed it. Thank you!!
Victoria Maxwell
Victoria Maxwell
Great team
Barbara Desborough
Barbara Desborough
Brilliant gardeners . Have some lovely comments from friends . We would struggle to keep the garden looking this good without them . They made a huge difference in a relatively short time for our wedding anniversary .
Raniaa Khan
Raniaa Khan
Thank you for the fantastic service today the team was brilliant we are so impressed with how quickly and neatly everything was done!
adeleke adeogun
adeleke adeogun
The team arrived on time and did perfect job, I will surely recommend.