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Though we love to build every garden we design, that doesn’t mean we don’t design for other people

A well designed paved modern garden surrounded by wooden seating

Whether you are a landscaper, a DIY’er or an avid plantsman our team is on hand to help deliver full garden design concept plans at the click of a button.

“My Garden Designer” is an online service that will create you your very own design plans for your garden.

We offer design concepts that include

Planting Plans, Lighting Plans 2D & 3D Model

Here’s how it works:

Step 1
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Make sure you have all the dimensions of your garden handy with some photos of any problem areas.

Step 2
A questionnaire icon

Simply follow our online questionnaire, uploaded your images and make payment when prompted.

Step 3
An Envelope icon

Sit back and wait for our design team to email you your finished project.

A top down view of a Designed Garden
Close up of some annotated Garden illustrations
A small section of a Garden Design illustration

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