Willow Garden Designer Spotlight – Gija

Hi, I’m Gija,

I am a designer here at Willow Alexander and I am passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces to connect people to people, and nature.

I am especially passionate about creative layout solutions maximising the available space however big or small. Having worked with a wide range of green spaces – from small size city gardens and courtyards to spacious country gardens and commercial projects, I know exactly how important a green space can become, once it’s given a purpose and a meaning.

A garden renovation project for most people is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the way they see and use their garden. An opportunity to change their lifestyle or sometimes a chance for a fresh start.
A private green space is a blessing – so many that do not have any will agree with me here, especially after the year of 2021. So, I feel it is our duty now to celebrate our green spaces and our planet. And by doing so – make our contribution towards more sustainable future.

Over last couple of years I have noticed a significant shift in focus on to sustainable landscaping and gardening practices, which are also close to my heart. From your choice of hard landscaping materials and planting combinations, to introducing trees and shrubs to your garden, there are plenty of steps you can make to contribute towards creating a more sustainable, low carbon and wildlife friendly garden.

And if you don’t know where to start – we have some good news for you! Landscaping industry has made a stellar effort to make it easy for you to make the right choice. Here are couple of easy-to-follow tips:
*Decking – probably the most popular garden feature especially for DIY garden renovations. So here are your options:
– Look for FSC certification when buying your decking boards. This will ensure that your wood has come from responsibly managed forests.
– Upgrade to Composite Decking Boards. Aside from exceptional longevity and low maintenance qualities, composite decking is probably one of the most environmentally friendly landscaping products available as it’s made from a mix of recycled wood and plastic.

*Patio – it’s pretty simple – keep paved areas to minimum and chose Permeable / Porous paving materials. This will allow the rainwater to penetrate the surface and drain away naturally. Here are some popular permeable materials: Block Paving, Clay Brick Pavers, Sandstone, Limestone, Resin, Self-Binding Gravel, Gravel.

*Shopping – for many the absolute favourite part of garden renovation project 😊
There are so many choices to make – from hard landscaping materials to furniture, accessories and plants. So enjoy the process and have fun! But if you can – Shop Locally!

But it all of course starts with your own vision for your garden and lifestyle.

This is when a design concept plan is starting to take shape and creative garden layout, meets outdoor lighting plan. And selected hard landscaping materials start working in sync with carefully chosen planting combination creating an entirely new space and sometimes a new beginning.

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