Why We Love Japanese Inspired Garden Design

Japanese garden design became immediately popular in Western countries as Japan became more accessible in the 19th Century. Abiding by Zen practices and Buddhist influence, Japanese gardens are curated with the intention of providing a space of tranquillity, harmony, and quiet contemplation. They are an expression of appreciation for nature in its everchanging forms and hold a timeless quality.

Not only are they beautiful, but Japanese gardens are also designed with practical contemplation, and an eco-conscious regard for the natural space, no matter how big or small. They’re built to live for years and years, using minimal materials and without compromising on aesthetic, something we strongly believe in at Willow Alexander.

If you aren’t already sold, keep reading for more details on why we love Japanese garden design.


Promoting Well-Being and Mindfulness

Japanese gardens were traditionally designed with the purpose to create areas of Zen, which promotes the importance of mindfulness, meditation, and intuitive thinking. Even modern Japanese inspired gardens are associated with stress reduction and are intended to evoke feelings of peace, tranquillity, and calmness. As a result, Japanese gardens can have mental and psychological health benefits.



In Japanese garden design, there is a focus on appreciating natural form. There are 3 main elements, all with their own significance, that are considered in a Japanese garden design to capture the best of nature. Water, rocks, and plants are used to create serene spaces that celebrate nature, and all of its seasons. In situations where it is not possible or sustainable to have real water features, Japanese garden designers developed a method of creating “dry gardens” with techniques that create illusions of water and evoke the same sense of peacefulness. Japanese inspired gardens can be an excellent sustainable and eco-conscious solution to designing your outdoor space, as they make use of the form and materials already there and can involve little landscape construction.


Making Use of Space

The simplicity yet meaningfulness behind Japanese inspired gardens mean you do not need a big area to create your perfect Zen space. Traditional Japanese garden design uses natural elements to recreate miniature versions of their natural landscape and have minimal impact on the existing surroundings. With every element of a Japanese garden carefully considered to create the picture perfect, serene, natural space, it is the ideal source of inspiration for smaller outside areas.

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