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Welcome to our blog

In August of 2019, my co-director Alex and I took on the challenge of redeveloping my mums independently owned garden & estate maintenance business she has operated for over 20 years and begin creating a whole new proposition to fall in line with the demands of today’s customer.

In theory, we are a start-up, but with the added bonus/pressure of having a long-established client list and a 20-year reputation to live up too .. Gulp!

With our past joint professional experience in design, production, electrical & most importantly horticultural, Alex, myself & the team have restructured and rebranded the maintenance division while creating a whole new offering to deliver much wider services in design & landscaping, outdoor events styling/management & sustainable electrical solutions for your home and garden. (Que crazy long nights, mind-boggling early mornings & copious amounts of coffee……).

So with a totally new brand, a whole new team (with more hires joining in the coming weeks), a fleet of new vans, an arsenal of fancy tools and a packed diary of upcoming projects,  The entire team is ready to take 2020 by the “secateurs”. (See what I did there!?.. Ahem!)

We couldn’t have done any of this without the endless hard work from some key people and organisations who have been on hand every day to help us achieve our goals. 

Firstly, we would like to thank Dave & George at www.evildonkey.com .  I have worked with these guys for many years and they are great at harnessing my special type of creative crazy and delivering amazing websites and brand collateral every time. 

Secondly a big thank you to www.bandbox-logos.co.uk for producing all of the new uniforms for the maintenance team, www.FRjonesandson.co.uk for all your help & advice for our new low emission commercial tools, www.provendernurseries.co.uk for being on hand to deliver us exceptional plants every time & www.signsofthetimes.co.uk for wrapping our fleet of new vans with the new brand. 

And lastly, we wish to thank our customers old and new for your patience while we have gone through this period of growth and change.  Your loyalty is very much appreciated.

Thank you to everyone else who has helped us along the way.   Myself & Alex hope we can do my mum proud by welcoming her clients into the new & exciting world of Willow Alexander.

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